the signs of aging

Faceyoga: How 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

If you feel like you:

  • desire to shine your unique light while aging gracefully
  • are a busy mom, boss, partner, creator and you just can't envision lengthening your “to-do” list
  • know that Botox and fillers are an option but are looking for a holistic and natural alternative to youthful expression
  • have a skincare routine but your products aren’t giving you the results you envision
  • use words like “saggy” and “sad” to describe your skin
  • always notice a new wrinkle
  • place other people's needs above your own
  • are depleted and tired
  • crave a beauty regimen that will both refresh you and slow the aging process AND you want it to be as effective, or more effective, than any professional facial treatment or cosmetic injection

If you said, “Yes, that’s me!” to any of the above

then the Do Faceyoga Daily Bootcamp is for you

In this 12 week Faceyoga workout program, you will receive and learn everything you need to reverse the signs of aging.

Just as you tone and lift the body through regular body movement your face can be toned and lifted with a daily Faceyoga practice.

In 15 minutes anyone, regardless of their age, can improve their natural expression by strengthening, plumping and lifting the face.

Spoiler alert! This will uncover your unique glow in the process.


You may be wondering how 15 minutes can create such a change?

Since our facial muscles are relatively short, small, and weak compared to those on the body, mindful movement of your facial muscles for 10-20 minutes a day are more than enough to transform your face into the most radiant version of you.

In the Do Faceyoga Daily Bootcamp, you will learn how to create a daily Faceyoga practice that will support, nourish and energize you.

Don’t allow space for self-doubt when it comes to your success - even if you've failed previously at creating healthy routines or even if you feel like you don't have the time - I am here to guide, assist and support you.

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During the 12 week bootcamp you will learn how to:

  • Reverse forehead wrinkles and frownlines
  • Lift droopy eyelids and reverse crowsfeet
  • Lift and tone sagging and deflated cheeks
  • Reverse and prevent nasolabial and marionette lines
  • Lift sagging skin around the mouth and reverse upper lip lines
  • Tone the neck and jawline, lifting sagging skin and reversing jowls
  • Relieve the discomfort of tension and create more symmetry
  • Get glowing skin and boost collagen production naturally
  • Increase energy levels and boost your ability to concentrate for longer
  • Fall back in love with your face

Before and After

Anne’s Before & After

In her words, from tired mom-face, to feeling attractive again.

“I was tired of the me I saw in the mirror. To be honest I didn't really look at me anymore, focus was on the lines I had and the dark circles around my eyes. A tired face, understandable, for sure, because my face resembled a period in my life with small kids, a babygirl who basically didn't sleep for a year, new job and stress. I was in the bottom of the list of what I prioritized in life.

Mid-30'ies and just sad of what I saw? Injections are not for me, so what to do? I decided to do something and I joined Niki’s Bootcamp. I’m so happy that I did! Besides the weekly workout videos I’ve also learned how to fit the daily training into my busy life and I’ve done exercises to teach me HOW I can learn to love my face.


This has been life changing for me.

I can honestly say that I see ME again in the mirror, and I like what I see. No longer do I feel embarrassed with the person looking back. I do not compare myself to others anymore and I feel so much better! I experience my (sore!) face in a new way, and I see the changes: the dark circles are gone, my face feels toned because muscles have been awakened and slowly I see the lines becoming smaller.

I smile more and it's true - the more you smile, the more you feel happy inside AND you receive smiles back as well. Win-win. So thank you for all of this, Niki. You have created something life-changing and I am grateful for my face, which now feels like me and the rest of my body: full of life.”

Heidi’s Before & After

In her words, from Botox to Faceyoga, learning to bloom from within.

“I first came to Niki, late Fall of 2019, for a private session. I was immediately taken with Niki’s professionalism, kind soul and sincere desire to help me acheive my goals. I’d never been asked about the future of my face before and quickly realized that my goal was simple - to age gracefully. As I age I want people to look at me, see that I’ve lived a joyful life and feel me radiating that joy to them.

After having done several rounds of Botox injections on my upper face between the ages of 28-34, I didn’t know if Faceyoga would work for me. Now, at 36 I noticed I had lost my “babyface,” the plumpness that had accompanied me most of my life.


I definitely struggled for the first few months. It was wildly apparent to me that my muscles had became atrophied and most of my early Faceyoga sessions consisted of me earnestly thinking of what I wanted to move on my face and yet not seeing or feeling the movement. I should also say that as an Anatomy & Physiology Professor I believe in neuroplasticity and knew that the intention of movement was beneficial.

I had some results on my own but knew that the 12 weeks of Faceyoga was for me. I was excited to do the work! In 12 weeks, I’ve found newfound strength (and am actually seeing and feeling movement now, yeah, progress)! I could list one thing that’s changed after the Bootcamp but the truth is - everything has changed.

My routine is always changing a little here and there but I’ve found a great groove of doing Faceyoga, in bed, right before I fall asleep. I feel like it cleanses me of the day. I also do Faceyoga and Gua Sha in the morning, in front of the mirror - it’s what starts my day, with my best face forward!

I cannot recommend this enough, make the commitment, do the work, create your best self, I’m so thankful for what I learned here.

What's in the bootcamp?

12 Workout Videos

Every week a new workout video opens up in your course.

The workout videos are 10-20 minutes and are prescribed to be done daily. The videos are designed to take you from saggy facial muscles to full vitality and strength.

You will experience a transformation showing the inner radiance of a true faceyogi.

12 In Depth Tutorials

Every week you will also get an in-depth tutorial.

The tutorials are 5-10 minute video recordings that are designed to answer any question you may have about the exercises, how to reverse specific aging signs or what to do if you are experiencing challenges with any part of the Faceyoga workouts.

6 Course Chapters

Every course chapter is a 30 minute video recording educating you on your face and how to create a daily Faceyoga practice with the intent to change your face and your life.

Note: You can see the subject of the different course chapters below in the weekly programs.

Members Only Facebook Group

Support is important when you want to create healthy changes to your life.

Joining the bootcamp you will get access to a growing community of faceyogis and bootcampers who are supporting each other on their Faceyoga journey.

In this group you can post any questions as Niki is live weekly with a “Questions & Answers” chat.

2 Audio Meditations

Relaxing your nervous-system will further enhance the benefits of Faceyoga.

With these two guided meditations you will set the stage for transformation.

One meditation will guide you on a journey into your face. The other will lead you to release any stagnation following your daily Faceyoga practice.

4 BONUS Workouts

Ever tried a reclined HIT Faceyoga workout? If not, here is your chance to get 4 different workouts that you can do laying down.

These workouts are highly effective and will be introduced to you at week 4 as a minimal level of fitness is recommended before doing most high intensity Faceyoga workouts.


How much time do I have to spend on the daily Faceyoga workouts?

All weekly Faceyoga workouts are between 10 and 20 minutes.

How long will it take before I see results?

It's individual and depends on age, lifestyle and your goals. But most people notice the first small changes as early as two weeks and many see definite changes by eight weeks.

Will I have access to the Faceyoga workouts after the bootcamp has ended?

YES! You will keep access to the bootcamp for life. When you are done you will have 16+ workouts to choose from on a daily basis. After the bootcamp you just pick the workouts you like the most, the workouts targeted at the areas that you want to work with, or you can simply start again at week 1 and do the bootcamp one more time.

Will Faceyoga help clear my skin if I have acne, rosacea or eczema?

Depending on the underlying reason for your skin condition, Faceyoga has the potential to improve the skin. Regular exercise of the facial muscles will increase circulation which brings nutrients to the skin, boosts collagen production and improves the lymphatic system. Previous participants in the bootcamp have seen great improvement in their skin condition. Do be aware that skin condition may worsen before they get better, as the detoxification process is increased during Faceyoga. If you have any questions on your specific condition, feel free to write an email to:

How will I know if I am doing the exercises right?

As part of the bootcamp you will get in depth instructional videos and deep dives on different subjects throughout the course. If you are having additional questions, you can post them in the Facebook group and every week Niki goes live to support you in your workouts.

I am experiencing painful tension, will the Faceyoga workouts benefit me?

Yes, absolutely. Faceyoga will bring relief and help you shake the tension in your facial muscles. Over time the balance in your muscles will become better and you won't experience the same tension anymore. Just be sure to go slow and listen to your face all the way.


What if I really want to join the bootcamp, but I seriously can't see how I can make the time?

Don't worry. Your prayers have been heard. The Do Faceyoga Bootcamp has been created by a super busy mother of four. Through the course chapters you will learn how to recommit to your own wellbeing and how to make the much needed space for you. We want to see you thrive as a woman, mother, boss, partner, creator and MORE. This program is designed to deeply support and nourish you.


How is the Do Faceyoga Daily Bootcamp different from other Faceyoga programs?

The Do Faceyoga Daily Bootcamp is the only program of its kind. This full 12 week online course will provide you with a different weekly workout for you to practice daily that week. Each is specifically designed to take your face from decline to incline. This bootcamp also provides a support system in educational course chapters that will teach you everything from creating your perfect Faceyoga practice at home, to how to fall in love with your face - for life. When you are done with the bootcamp you will be a specialist of your own face.


Get access to the bootcamp NOW

And begin your faceyoga workout routine today


One installment

3 x $109

Pay in 3 installments

Money back guarantee

We want you to be happy and feel satisfied with your new Faceyoga practice.

We know that the service we are providing is one-of-a-kind and that if you follow the weekly workouts, you will see and feel more energized, alive and toned during this 12 week Faceyoga program.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the Do Faceyoga Daily Bootcamp you are guaranteed a full refund.

To claim the refund please email your before and after photos to with an explanation of your dissatisfaction and why you believe the program did not work for you.

Please include two times and days that would work for you to have an exit Interview as the refund will happen after that meeting.


About Niki

Niki is a Faceyoga coach, boss and mother of four. When she was 35 her eldest son became sick with brain cancer. This traumatic experience was compounded by simultaneously going through a divorce. She found herself alone, with her children and carrying all the emotional baggage of caring for a sick child.

Niki witnessed how her face changed due to the stress, how 2 months of life became ten years of wear. As her son began to get better she started searching for a solution to look happy again which led her to Faceyoga.

Finding Faceyoga turned out to be much more than an anti-aging solution. Niki experienced a healing of her face, her emotions and her brain after the traumatic shock of disease and divorce. Her PTSD symptoms were relieved and she felt more in touch with who she was created to be.

Now, Niki is determined to bring Faceyoga to those, like herself, who need a way forward. Let her creation become your creation and connect back to your face, your essence and your joy for life. Faceyoga is indeed - a healing journey.

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